Bail Bonds in El Centro

Conveniently located in the Imperial Valley, El Centro Bail Bonds is a family friendly, family owned and operated business that puts our clients first. Reliable and secure, you can count on our friendly and professional service to ease you through the bail bond process and get you or your loved one out of jail quickly. We make it easy to post bail, dealing with each situation on a case-by case basis. (For more information on how the bail bond process works, please see the “Bail bond Info” link at the top right of the page.)

When an arrest occurs in Imperial County, all detainees go to the Imperial County Sheriff’s Office, where both the juvenile detention and adult detention facilities are located. In many cases, the system will release the defendant in exchange for money, which the court will hold until all the proceedings and trials regarding the accused are completed. In order to recover the bail, the defendant must appear for all court dates. Not everyone has enough cash to simply post bail, however. That is where we come in! The person in question or a friend/family member can contact us, and we’ll pay the bill so you can get out of jail. Because we deal with each situation individually, certain cases may even qualify for a payment plan.

There are many advantages to choosing a bail bond service to assist you. Not only does our bond agency abide by a high standard of ethics, but it provides a safe, confidential source of funds. This means that you will not have to approach friends, family, banks, or other sources for money, and it eliminates the need to deal with multiple financial institutions.

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